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Zir Talari



Zirtalari Barberry



Barberry is used in food because of its good taste, and because of its many properties it is also used for therapeutic purposes. Barberry has a cold and dry temperament and has many properties such as controlling blood sugar, preventing diabetes, improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, controlling blood pressure and many other properties.

Although many people, not only in Iran but also abroad, know barberry as barberry pilaf, this useful product is consumed in many ways. For example, many people take barberry juice and use it as a cool and very tasty drink. In addition, this product is also used as a flavoring agent and is also available in a variety of cakes.

Numerous drying methods, drying times and the way barberries are harvested have led to barberry being divided into different types. One of the major types of barberry is Zirtalari Barberry, which is more affordable than other barberries.



The consumption and demand for this product is very high and has many export opportunities. This product is expensive but many countries buy it such as China, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Japan and the United Kingdom. One of the reasons that the demand for this product is very high despite its high price is because of the good properties and taste of barberry. Of course, some types of barberry have a lower price due to their quality, but in general it can be said that this product is very popular.

Barberry is native to temperate and subtropical regions, but it can be said that one of the largest producers of barberry in the world is Iran. Most Iranian barberry is grown in the region of South Khorasan, which is very popular and exported in large quantities. Iranian barberry is a special and unique species and is different from other barberry species. Iranian barberry is also exported to many countries including Germany, the United States, Russia, France, Georgia, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar and many other countries.



When exporting barberries, all hygienic principles must be followed and the products must reach the customer hygienic and healthy. Care should also be taken to ensure that the export product is of good quality and has the right packaging. The issue of packaging is of particular importance in all export goods. Exported goods must be properly packaged to please the customer and also to avoid damage during transportation. Another factor that needs to be considered when exporting barberries is the method of exporting. The principle method of exporting must be considered and the delivery time must be set correctly and in coordination with the buyer. In Iran, most of this product is exported by air.