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Fresh Rish Baba Grapes

  • Commodity : Fresh Rish Baba Grapes
  • Code : IEM-1533
  • Class : Farm - Greenhouse
  • Type : Fresh
  • Variety : Rish Baba Grapes
  • Minimum Order : 20,000 kg
  • Origin : Iran
  • Packing : Carton Box 5/10 kg – Plastic box 10 kg, Special Packing@ Customer's Request
  • Supply Ability : 100,000 Kg per Month
  • Sample : Available to forward
  • Term Of Delivery : EXW-FSA-FAS-FOB-CFR-CIF-CPT-CIP
  • Payment Term : TT- 30 % against PI, 70 % against Draft BL
  • Documents : HC,CO, BL, Packing List, Invoice & etc.
  • Delivery Time : 15 - 20 Days
  • Inspection : Possible



Fresh Rish Baba Grapes



One of the most popular fruits is the grape. The grape has a very beautiful appearance and its properties and uses have made it a special value throughout the world. Grapes come in many varieties and colors, one of which is the Rish baba grape. This grape is an early type and has many fans because of its pleasant and great aroma and taste. Rish baba grape seedlings have high growth and resistance to extreme cold and heat. Rish baba grape seedlings should be properly watered and cared for.

Grapes have many uses due to their many properties. Grapes are used in the manufacture of cosmetics and are used in a variety of cakes, salads and other foods. Grape seed oil, grape juice, grape vinegar, raisins, grape leaves, grape juice, grape jam and raisins are compounds related to grapes, each of which is used for different purposes. Grapes are used fresh and dried. Dried grapes are called raisins, which are very useful for the body and have many uses. The characteristics of a good grape are that it has no seeds and has a clear appearance.



Grapes mentioned many vitamins like C, E, B9, B5, B6, B3, B1, B2, K. Fresh Rish baba grape rejuvenates the skin and prevents skin diseases. By cleansing the liver, grapes remove toxins from the body and cause you to have healthy and fresh skin. One of the factors that causes skin problems is the presence of toxins in the body and liver. By eating grapes regularly, you can cleanse your liver and have a healthy skin. Other properties of grapes are: Skin and hair rejuvenation, rich in antioxidants and iron (due to its high antioxidant properties it has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents cancer), treatment of stomach ulcers and healing of digestion, liver cleansing, treatment of blood pressure, regulation of cholesterol levels, improvement of heart health and treatment of anemia. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and sodium are also nutrients in grapes.



Grapes grow in areas with temperate and subtropical climates. China, Italy and the United States, France, Spain, Turkey, India, Chile and Iran are among the world's leading producers of grapes. Fresh and dried Iranian grapes are exported to more than 80 countries, including those of Persian Gulf. The markets of Persian Gulf and Russia are known as target markets for grape exports. Iraq's markets are also very suitable for exporting this product. There are many types of grapes produced in Iran, only one of them is Fresh Rish baba grape which is very popular. We advise grape exporters to focus on the countries around Persian Gulf and sell quality products with extensive promotion and proper marketing.