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White Onion

  • Commodity : White Onion
  • Code : IEM-1156
  • Class : Farm - Greenhouse
  • Type : Fresh
  • Variety : White
  • Grade : Grade A
  • Minimum Order : 20,000 kg
  • Origin : Iran
  • Packing : Bulk– Bag 25 Kg - Packing @ Customer's Request
  • Supply Ability : 100,000 Kg per Month
  • Term Of Delivery : EXW - FSA - FAS - FOB- CFR - CIF - CPT – CIP
  • Payment Term : TT- 30 % against PI, 70 % against draft BL
  • Documents : HC,CO, BL, Packing List, Invoice & etc.
  • Delivery Time : 15 - 20 Days
  • Inspection : Possible



White Onion


Onion is one of the oldest foods consumed by humans. Onions have existed in Egypt since 3,000 BC, which shows that onions are not a new plant and have been used by people for many years. Onions have several varieties, each of which has different properties and uses. We are here to introduce you to white onions.



Features Of White Onion


The skin and inside of the white onion are white and have a soft texture. The skin of white onions is thinner than other species and has a lot of water. White onion has a warm and dry nature. White onions have a very high sugar content and therefore can not be stored for a very long time. Of course, if the white onion is stored cool, it can be stored for a longer time. The smaller the white onion and the narrower the head, the less nitrate the onion will have. Today, many crops have a high percentage of nitrate due to the overuse of chemical fertilizers in agricultural crops. This nitrate is harmful to the human body, so use small white onions for food



Applications And Properties Of White Onion


One of the major uses of white onions is in food and food products. In traditional and modern cuisine, onions are used a lot. White onion has played an important role in cooking for many years and now we see that white onion has many uses in modern food. White onions are eaten both raw and cooked. Raw onions are usually used for medicinal purposes and cooked onions are used for food. One of the reasons why white onion is widely used by people is its many properties.

Onion has many properties, for example, it is a rich source of antioxidants that prevent heart disease and is also useful for treating colds and boosting the body's immunity. Of course, if you want to use more properties of white onion, you must consume it raw. Any plant that gets heat is a debt that loses a lot of its properties.



Export Of White Onions


Onion is one of the most widely used items in the world and can be said to be a universal product. One of the countries exporting onions is Iran. Iran has different types of onions that export many volumes to different countries annually. China, India, the United States, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and Ukraine are the top onion producers in the world. Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Ukraine, Iraq, Armenia and Poland are among the countries to which Iranian onions are exported.