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  • Commodity : Melon
  • Code : IEM-1153
  • Class : Farm - Greenhouse
  • Type : Fresh
  • Variety : Mashhadi
  • Grade : Grade A
  • Minimum Order : 20,000 kg
  • Origin : Iran
  • Packing : Bulk– Packing @ Customer's Request
  • Supply Ability : 100,000 Kg per Month
  • Term Of Delivery : EXW - FSA - FAS - FOB- CFR - CIF - CPT – CIP
  • Payment Term : TT- 30 % against PI, 70 % against draft BL
  • Documents : HC,CO, BL, Packing List, Invoice & etc.
  • Delivery Time : 15 - 20 Days
  • Inspection : Possible

Description :

Melon is a very sweet and juicy fruit that looks like a cantaloupe. The properties of melon as well as its sweet and delicious taste have caused it to be noticed by people.

Melon is high in fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, pectin, vitamin C, vitamin A and many other nutrients. Fruit melon is very juicy and is very suitable for the warm seasons of the year and causes hydration to the body. 90% of melon is water, and this large amount makes your skin and hair healthy. Melon is very low in fat and cholesterol and therefore can be very useful for people who are looking to lose weight. Melon water can make you full, reduce your appetite for food, and can help you lose weight.

Much fiber Melon helps your health and digestion. The pectin in melon makes it easier to pass stool. So if you want your digestive system to be healthy and functioning properly, take melon. Of course, the fiber in plants increases the volume of feces and makes them easier to excrete, but those who suffer from constipation, it is better to eat plants that contain fiber because it can aggravate constipation. If you have constipation, you can take melon alone, but taking melon with other foods can make your problem worse. If you have constipation, diabetes, and stomach problems, talk to your doctor about taking melon to tell you if you can take melon. Here are some of the properties of Melon:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Contribute to eye health and vision
  • Prevent atherosclerosis

Although melons have many properties, some people, such as diabetics or people with stomach problems, should be careful in consuming this fruit. Melon is warm in nature, so if you are warm nature, you should be careful not to over-use melon. Before using melons, rinse their skin well so that you do not have any problems.

Melon Exports

Chen, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, USA, Spain, Italy, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Afghanistan, Honduras, France and Bangladesh are the top producers of melon fruits in the world. Due to its favorable climate and fertile soil, Iran annually produces large quantities of high quality melons and sells them in domestic and foreign markets. Iranian melon is exported to several countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Germany, Afghanistan, Austria, Sweden, Iraq and Kuwait. Russia is not able to produce many agricultural products naturally due to its very cold climate and is one of the most important and largest export markets for agricultural products for Iranians. The timing of the sale of agricultural products is very important. To sell your products on time, you must first identify the target markets. Examine the agricultural situation of countries to export agricultural products so that you can sell your products at the right time.