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  • Commodity : Daikon
  • Code : IEM-1146
  • Class : Farm - Greenhouse
  • Type : Fresh
  • Grade : Grade A
  • Minimum Order : 20,000 kg
  • Origin : Iran
  • Packing : Bulk– Bag 25 Kg - Packing @ Customer's Request
  • Supply Ability : 50,000 Kg per Month
  • Term Of Delivery : EXW - FSA - FAS - FOB- CFR - CIF - CPT – CIP
  • Payment Term : TT- 30 % against PI, 70 % against draft BL
  • Documents : HC,CO, BL, Packing List, Invoice & etc.
  • Delivery Time : 15 - 20 Days
  • Inspection : Possible

Description :


Daikon Radish, which comes in many forms, is used in a variety of foods. Daikon Radish was first discovered in China but is now found in many parts of the world. Daikon Radish has many properties and these numerous properties have made it widely used in East Asia, especially China. Daikon Radish is rich in fiber. The fiber in Daikon Radish has many properties that can be mentioned: helping the body's digestive system, freshness and freshness of the skin and helping to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, use Daikon Radish in your meals because it makes you full.

Antioxidants are very good for the body and today it is recommended that you try to use foods with a lot of antioxidants in your meals. Daikon Radish contains antioxidants that protect your body. There are also vitamins C, A, and K in Daikon Radish that help keep your body healthy. Carbohydrates, protein, water, fiber, sugar, vitamins K, B4, B9, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc are some of the ingredients in Daikon Radish. Daikon Radish is used cooked and raw. Of course, if you want to use all the properties of Daikon Radish, you must consume it raw.

Here are some other features of Daikon Radish:

  • Increase the body's metabolism
  • Help to lose weight
  • Rich in iron
  • Improve heart health
  • Liver detoxification
  • Diabetes control
  • Improves the function of the body's respiratory system
  • Treatment of thyroid problem

Export Daikon Radish

Although Daikon Radish was first discovered in China, it is now manufactured in many countries around the world and sold in domestic and foreign markets. Iran is also a manufacturer and exporter of Daikon Radish. Iranian agricultural products and Daikon Radish are exported to several countries such as Azerbaijan, Russia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is a country of four seasons and this has led to the production of a wide variety of agricultural products. Due to the high quality of Iranian agricultural products, many countries buy them.

Exporters must identify countries that need agricultural exports. Some countries have high demand for some agricultural products. Recognizing the potential of different countries in the field of agricultural exports is important in the export of agricultural products such as Daikon Radish. Daikon Radish exporters need to identify target markets well. Russia, for example, has a very cold climate, and this has prevented all kinds of agricultural products from growing well in this country, so Russia is one of the important export markets that traders should pay attention to. All countries that need agricultural products must be properly evaluated and their import potentials examined so that you can have successful exports.