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About Iran Export Market

We are pleased to introduce Iran Export Market as one of the largest export sources of Iran in the field of Agricultural, Apparel & Clothing & Shoes, Aquatic, Auto& Motorcycles, Construction & Real Estate , Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms , Food & Beverage , Home, Kitchen, Herb, Health & Medicine, Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools, handicrafts, Herbs, Health & Medicine, Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools, Mineral, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics, Nano, Nuts , Office, Security &School Supplies , Toys ,Sport, Hobbies etc., having 100,000 goods ready to export.
  • HDPE

    HDPE 52518 - HDPE BL3 - HDPE PE100N - HDPE 5000S
  • Herbs

    The best types of medicinal herbs for export
  • Pistachio

    The best types of pistachios with the highest quality for ex...
  • Dates

    Types of Mazafati dates, Kabkab, Zahedi,...
  • Saffron

    Types of Super Negin saffron with a vari...
  • Flowers

    Variety of flowers and ornamental plants
  • Machinery

    All kinds of agricultural machinery
  • Honey

    The highest quality honey of forty plant...
  • Farm Fish

    Farmed fish from the best farms in Iran
  • Sea Fish

    Best quality sea fish for export
  • Caviar

    Beluga Imperial caviar with the best taste
  • Fish Feed

    Ornamental fish food, farmed fish, other...
  • Ornamental Fish

    More than 150 varieties of ornamental fi...
  • Vannamei Shrimp

    The best types of farmed shrimp
  • Sea Food

    The most delicious seafood
  • Equipment

    All the equipment needed to raise all ki...
  • Metal Crafts

  • Wood Crafts

  • Pottery & Ceramics

  • Textile Crafts

  • Stone

  • Kitchen

    Refrigerator, washing machine, hood, sink, samovar
  • Furniture

    Variety of home furniture with a very high variety
  • Carpet

    Iranian handmade carpets with the highest quality
  • Decorations

    Home decorative items with the greatest...
  • Bedroom

  •  Bath & Sanitary

  • Air Conditioning

  • Audio, Video & Accessories

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